Stationery Favourites

Back to School is everywhere right now. My work is filled with backpacks and lunch bags, the grocery store has bins of pens, glue sticks, and notebooks, and Walmart's seasonal section is filled with all school necessities. This was one of my favourite things about going back to school; buying new pens and pencils, filling up my new pencil case, and picking out the perfect notebooks, binders, and file folders. To this day I'm jealous of all the kids going back to school and starting a fresh school year. 

Luckily working for IGGPPC, running my own Etsy shop, and having a love for to-do lists and snail mail, I use stationery pretty regularly. As I've been eyeing up all the new products showing up in store and in my email inbox, these top my list of what I'd love to buy for September.

4. Shining Neko Stickers
5. 2017 Planner
6. Booklight

The lap desk and booklight would be amazing things to have at home right now and I may just have to buy them to make some daily tasks even easier.

Do you enjoy school supply shopping? Do you have an addiction to stationery like me?
xo Jen

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  1. I love this time of year! I'm kind of a notebook/agenda hoarder, haha. Lately I've been especially obsessed with Kate Spade office supplies, especially the heavy duty agenda I bought. It runs August 2016-December 2017 and all summer I was just counting down the days until August 1st so I could use it, lol!