Summer Activities

Like most kids, Summer was my favourite season when I was younger. But I definitely grew out of it as an adult. Probably because I didn't get outside as much as I'd like, I was in an apartment with no air conditioning, and I hated dealing with the heat. The last couple of years I've found myself looking forward to Summer more though. I think it's because of our move to the North.

The past three Summers we've been here we've spent a lot of time at the beaches in and around the city, whether swimming in the lakes or just having a picnic. I honestly didn't know how much I'd love having multiple lakes within a 20 minute radius near me that I can swim in all Summer.

Then came camping. Yet another Summer activity that I look forward to and has been a blast every time we go. I can feel myself wanting to do it more and we've been talking about going more or even looking into renting a cottage.

To celebrate my love of camping and swimming at the lake, I rounded up some of my favourite Summer-inspired things.

1. Campfire Tank
2. Sunshine Beach Towel
3. Constellation Socks
4. Camp Stickers
5. LED Lantern

What are some of your favourite things to do in the Summer?
xo Jen

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