Slimed Cupcakes

Today is a great day! The new Ghostbusters movie is released today! To say I'm a little excited is an understatement.

In celebration of the new movie, I made some slimed cupcakes this week which I think turned out amazing. The slime looks fantastic.

I used a chocolate cupcake base with almond buttercream on top. The day I made these the humidity was high so the frosting sort of melted on top of the cupcakes. But like Adam pointed out, it gives them a Stay Puft-marshmallow look to the tops.

As for the slime, I used:
- piping gel
- green food colouring (I used 'Leaf Green' colour gel by Wilton)

Will you be seeing the new movie in theatres? I can't wait for our date night to go. 

xo Jen

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