My Life In Photos

July has been a really fun month. We've been to the beach a lot to swim and just to hang out. A lot of yummy food has been eaten and we've had some fun nights hanging out with friends. 

On our way home from Algonquin Park we hit up Riv Chip Stand in Sturgeon Falls to get poutine and pogos. They are SO amazing!

Our treat this month was buying a can of coconut whipped cream. With Adam being lactose-intolerant, this is a super yummy alternative.

So when I had my friends up for the weekend I was introduced to the amazing world of Sprinkle Sandwiches made with Dutch sprinkles. By far, these are the most amazing sprinkles I've ever tasted in my life.

We also had fun with some face masks.

And pigged out on doughnuts from Mighty Canadian Doughnuts.

Oh, I also went for the first step of my hair process - lots and lots of blonde highlights to help grow the leftover red out. Hello semi-blonde hair!

Moonlight Beach has been exceptionally gorgeous this Summer.

And I finally got myself a donut float! It makes swimming even more fun!

How has July been treating you?
xo Jen