Japan Funbox Review

I was given the opportunity to review a new Japanese Candy & Snack Box, Japan Funbox, and I jumped at the chance! I absolutely love trying new Japanese candy and find myself perusing all the snack foods when I head to grocery stores that carry it.

Now onto the unboxing...

I received the 'Mini' box which contained:
  • Crunky Chocolate Bar
  • Whistle Candy: Grape Flavour
  • Potato Happy Butter
  • Pokemon 3D Candy
  • Umaibō: Curry, Cheese, and Octopus Dumpling flavours
  • Strange Gum 2

Pokemon 3D Candy

These candies were pretty generic - a hard candy with a bit of sour fizz in the middle. The sour fizz seems to be a common addition to a lot of Japanese candies. But with them being individually wrapped, they're great to throw in my purse and have on hand whenever I want a little bit of sweetness.

Strange Gum 2

The sticks of gum were incredibly soft and flavourful. The flavours are lemon, strawberry, and green apple. It claims that when you combine all 3 flavours it turns into grape flavour. It did, but the grape wasn't very strong in flavour. I'd prefer the gum flavours on their own.

Whistle Candy: Grape Flavour

Now these candies were super grape tasting. I really liked their chalky texture and they disappeared quickly. You can definitely make a whistle noise when you blow into the little hole, which intrigued my cats. And my little secret toy? A tiny plastic monster for my shelf.

Crunky Chocolate Bar

This chocolate bar was a mix of an Aero and Crunchy bar. It was melt in your mouth light, but it had little crisp pieces throughout. All in all, a good tasting chocolate treat.

Potato Happy Butter

The flavour of these chips had me intrigued. The 4 base flavours of these chips: butter, honey, parsley, and mascarpone cheese. Weird, right? They're actually incredibly good. A little sweet, a little buttery. I enjoyed them thoroughly.

Umaibō: Curry, Cheese, and Octopus Dumpling flavours

I liked these little savoury sticks. The texture was incredibly similar to a classic Cheetos Puff. Crispy but soft and melt in your mouth. The flavours were fun and I enjoyed all 3. 

I loved reviewing the Mini Funbox and I couldn't recommend this subscription box more. The shipping was incredibly fast, oh and did I mention shipping is free worldwide?! They offer a Mini, Original, and Family size funbox so you can decide how many snacks you'd like to try out.

Definitely check out Japan Funbox if you're thinking about trying out a Japanese Candy and Snack box subscription.

xo Jen

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