My Life In Photos

Summer doesn't technically begin until next week, but it already feels like Summer. It's been hot and sunny and we've been trying to get outside a lot. 

I found a place downtown that makes bubble tea and they have so many flavours and options! Both Adam and myself got ours with jelly. 

I say it every year, but I need to spend more time at Bell Park this Summer. It's my favourite place in the city.

The s'mores frappuccino is back at Starbucks and it's still amazing!

Cotton candy sunsets are one of my favourite things about this time of year.

So we found a groundhog in our yard a couple weeks ago. It was kind of crazy and he was pretty big. Thankfully we haven't seem him since.

Seymore enjoying his sunny spot.

Logan can't keep his eyes open when I take a picture with the flash on. It's the most adorable thing. 

I'm pretty excited for Summer to officially start, are you?
xo Jen


  1. Logan is so cute with his closed eyes. What a sensitive little boy. And now I want bubble tea.

  2. Bless Logan! Maybe you should change his name to Earl :) xxx
    P.S. That will only make sense if you've seen My Name Is Earl...