My Life In Photos

Well, there goes another month. I'm so ready and looking forward to the next couple of months. I'm pumped for the Summer. We've already been experiencing Summer weather which has been great. And the thought of afternoons at the beach, swimming in the lake, and heading to Algonquin for camping has me so excited.

I have plans to head to the beach or park numerous times this Summer with a blanket and a book. I found these books second-hand which were an amazing find.

I recently picked up a couple of new Tsum Tsums. How adorable are they?!

Mail has been fun lately too. I received this super amazing Mega Man plushie that I won through a giveaway. He's incredibly well-made by Monster Factory.

I also received the cutest tea snail!

Have you seen a turtle sun bathe? Now you have. It's super cute when they put their little legs up. 

The cats have been extra lazy with the hot weather.

The sunshine has given me new found energy and motivation. I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to spend time outside.

xo Jen


  1. Love these photos! The Tsum Tsums are so cute, and that snail for the tea cup is absolutely adorable.

  2. I've also been super energized by the sun lately. Your pictures are great! Love the Wicket Tsum Tsum and the Megan Man plush, and your cats and your turtle are so cute. I've read two of the three books you got and the other one is number 2 in my tbr pile. Would love to hear your thoughts on them when you are done.