My Life In Photos

Hello May! I'm happy to say goodbye to April. It was a dreary month with the snow melting and everything was flooded and muddy. I found I couldn't get ahead in April either. I was constantly catching up on things. But May will be better. It's already started great because the sun is shining and the long term forecast shows warm temperatures and lots of sun!

I pulled out my DSLR camera quite a bit in April. I wanted to get some updated shots of the turtles since it seems like all of a sudden they've gotten huge! 

I had another doughnut date at Might Canadian Doughnuts with a friend. We tried a few types and I now have my favourite - caramel pretzel!

I've been on the hunt for new succulents since all the stores are bringing in their gardening stock. I picked up this pretty Perle Von Nuremberg (quite the name, huh?) at Home Depot. 

Our living room has been flooded with sunlight in the evening and the cats are attracted to the sunny spots. I was able to get some good pictures of them, especially of Logan, during one sunny evening. 

How was April for you?
xo Jen


  1. Those doughnuts... my oh my! I actually bought a DLSR in April - I can't wait for it to turn up so I can document May properly :) xxx

  2. What handsome cats you have. I love Logan's little tuft of white.