Mango Cake

As you might remember, every year for our birthdays we pick a type of cake we want. Last year Adam asked for a Cadbury Creme Egg cake which turned out amazing. This year he requested a mango cake. This wasn't the easiest cake to come up with.

Mangoes aren't a super popular ingredient for baked goods and mango products aren't easy to come by in our grocery stores either. After some searching online, I went on the hunt for mango puree which I found in the International aisle at a grocery store chain.

I ended up making a basic vanilla cake and replaced the oil with mango puree. I figured I typically do the same with applesauce, so why not mango puree. The cake had a light mango flavour to it and the puree made the cake super moist. But the best was the buttercream. I added a teaspoon of coconut extract and used the mango puree to add moisture to the buttercream. This turned the buttercream a pretty pale peachy-yellow colour and the mango flavour was pretty intense.

I topped the cake with broken up dried mango pieces. Someone mentioned they looked like bacon pieces from a far. And they totally do. But I swear it's dried mango!

We ended up with quite a bit of mango puree leftover since it comes in a giant can. Adding it to strawberry smoothies has been my favourite thing to use it up.

Have you tried baking with mango?
xo Jen

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  1. I'm actually salivating reading this and, spookily, I had a slice of mango cake for the first time today! Mango is my alltime favourite fruit. I love having a mango lassi when I go out for curry (and have previously made my own at home by combining yohurt and mango juice) and when I was in India I drank so much mango juice my sweat actually started smelling like mango! true (and gross!) story xxx

    P.S. I think I've typed the word mango too much. Mango.