All The Books

I've stated in previous posts my love for Goodreads. The Goodreads app on my phone is the best because I can add books to my to-read list right on the spot when I'm in a book store or a friend recommends something to me in conversation.

This year I challenged myself to read 30 books. But since I'm counting graphic novels and comic book trades, I think I might have underestimated the books I could read.

Right now I'm sitting at 18 books finished.

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Jen has read 18 books toward their goal of 30 books.

Books Read:

Lately I feel like my list of books to read is never-ending. I'm definitely adding on books faster than I can read them. But, honestly, how is that a bad thing? It just shows how excited I am to read, period. I have plans of Summer afternoons at the park reading and road trips with audio books playing. So many good moments in my life surround a book. 

Books To Read: 

What are some good books you've read recently? Any recommendations to add to my list? And if you're not already, add me on Goodreads!
xo Jen


  1. My goal for the year is 20 and I think I'm at 12 so far! But I don't count comic books. I've been reading mainly crime thrillers!

  2. Whoa! Good job. I'm terrible at making time to read, even though I generally love reading and books. Time to try harder, I guess.