5 Fandom Friday: Nerdy Hobbies People Don't Consider Nerdy

Happy Friday! This Friday's prompt had me stumped initially until I stepped back and looked at what my hobbies are...

1. Sewing

Sewing is a hobby that so many people don't know how to do. Most grandmas and some mothers have the skill set but my generation seems to be lacking the skills to mend a shirt or hem a pair of pants. So when I take my sewing skills and mix it with geeky fabric or vintage bed sheets, it equals out to one nerdy hobby that I have.

2. Baking

Baking is one of my favourite hobbies! Most people think it's great that I make cookies and cupcakes regularly. Little do they know, a lot of the recipes I make have some sort of geeky theme to them. They're just hidden to the less-nerdy eye. Take my Pokemon cupcakes I made for the anniversary, my family ate those up without even noticing the themed decorating. 

3. Gardening

Up until we bought our house I had very little interest in gardening. But now that we have a vegetable garden and two flower gardens I've become obsessed with looking up plants, zones, and soil types. I've become a giant plant-nerd. And now that I can hold a conversation with my parents about plants and flowers that onlookers would roll their eyes at, I'm seeing that I've taken on another hobby that I nerd out about.

4. Pets

Everyone uses the term 'cat lady' and we all know people obsessed with their dogs. But geeking out over the fact that you have fish babies in your aquarium isn't all that common. I didn't know that I would become enthralled by having a fish aquarium, or that I'd become so attached to owning turtles. But the knowledge I've attained, the joy I get watching these aquariums, and the passion I have talking about these pets is pretty darn nerdy.

5. Movies

Ok, so we all watch and enjoy movies. Sometimes a movie comes out that you're excited to see and you'll go opening night to see it. But do you own so many movies it looks like you run a movie rental store? Do you get butterflies in your stomach from watching a movie trailer? Yeah, some of you do and that's because you're a movie nerd. And so am I. Some movies turn me into an excited mess. Like when I dragged Adam to the movie theatre 2 hours before The Hunger Games started so we'd get good seats. And NO ONE else showed up until 30 minutes before the movie started. Or when I waited outside a theatre for hours on opening day of one of the Harry Potter movies (or for most of them...). So yeah, I'm one of those people who can nerd out huge over movies. 

What are some of your nerdy hobbies?
xo Jen

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  1. I love that baking has popped up a few times!

  2. I wouldn't have counted baking or sewing as nerdy; but then I guess I have some hobbies I'd consider much nerdier (boardgames, role playing games, anything dinosaur related...) so perhaps they just seem "normal" to me in comparison :p xxx