5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Tattoos I Want Or Have

It's another 5 Fandom Friday! You can see my first post about it here. This week's topic is a fun one because I have a plethora of tattoos in my mind that I'd like to get.

Currently I have 6 tattoos but none of them are 'geeky'. Two of my tattoos are inspired by Kurt Halsey which I absolutely love and they hold a lot of meaning to me. But they're not geeky.

These are my top 5 geek tattoos I'd like to get, and hope to get when I have some extra money (hah! like that's a thing).

1. Deathly Hallows symbol

I've considered numerous Harry Potter-inspired tattoos but I always come back to the Deathly Hallows. There are some seriously gorgeous interpretations of this symbol too.

2. Pixel Hearts

This tattoo has run through my head the longest. There's meaning behind wanting it that focuses on my relationship with Adam.

3. Cats

Yes, I'm considering this a geeky tattoo. Why? Because I'm beyond obsessed and in love with cats. I geek out about them and I don't care who knows.

4. Totoro

He represents so much magic and imagination and I'd love to carry him around on me.

5. X-Men symbol

I'd love to get this small symbol somewhere on me to discreetly represent my mutant love.

What geeky tattoos do you want or have?
xo Jen

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  1. Also totally count cats as geeky! And I had no idea you had tattoos, but I guess you don't show them much on here so why would I know...

  2. The pixel hearts are cute

  3. I love that pixel hearts tattoo. *o* I shared my five, the first being a quote from Dracula~!! Also, cats TOTALLY count as a fandom.