Tank & Koopa Adventures

I haven't shared a turtle update since September so forgive me for all the baby turtle photos! We've had Tank and Koopa for about 7 months now and they've grown so much! Personality-wise too.

We no longer stress out over them not eating or about Tank burying his head in the rocks when we come near them. They're full-blown pigs. They race for pellets and will push each other out of the way for a shrimp. We've been feeding them different types of lettuce which they absolutely love. We find leaf stems at the bottom of the aquarium the day after giving them a couple of lettuce leaves. We also gave them a quarter of a strawberry which Koopa absolutely devoured.

They get super excited when I approach them because they think it's feeding time so it's incredibly hard to get clear, in-focus photos of them. Their little legs go crazy as they try to swim at me. I'm at the point where I stop to watch them numerous times throughout the day so they get used to my presence and hopefully they eventually won't necessarily think it's feeding time when they see me. I need to photograph them hanging out on their platform as they dry themselves. They stretch right out and their little legs lift right up while they balance on the bottom of their shell. It's so cute. But as soon as they spot me, they dive in the water.

The next photo is of both turtles... they climb on top of each other when they're in this container (while Adam cleans their aquarium) and try to get over the edge. They're so incredibly spazzy while in here.

You can somewhat see their size difference in the bottom picture. Koopa is at the bottom and he's quite heavy in comparison to little Tank, who's on top. But Tank was a picky eater for the first couple of months. He also wouldn't fight for his share of the food so Koopa grew quickly. There's nothing to worry about though. Tank grabs 3 pellets at a time now. He's learned to fight for his share of the food. Though, we still catch him digging through the rocks to hide.

I've been practicing using my Nikon DSLR camera on manual, so I've been taking photos like crazy. But these guys move around so much, it almost seems impossible to get a clear photo of them!

xo Jen

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  1. Ahh! Your turtles are sooo cute! And I love that they're so excited to see you, even if it's just because they think you have food.