2016 Movies Watch List - Part 2

When looking at the 'Coming Soon' list for 2016, I realized there were too many movies that I was excited for to share in just one post. You can see Part 1 of my Movies Watch List here.

These are the movies I'm most excited for in the later half of the year:

Suicide Squad

"A group of super villains are forced to work together in exchange for reduced prison sentences."

The two reasons I want to see this movie: Harley Quinn and Joker. I'm super curious to see how this movie is and how Jared Leto portrays Joker. I'm also hoping Harley Quinn is done well since I'm a big fan. 

"A brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon is taken under the wing of a sorcerer, who teaches him the mystical arts in order to defend the world against evil."

I'm super excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch portray Doctor Strange. 

"Seventy years before Harry Potter reads writer Newt Scamander's book in school, the author enjoys adventures in New York's secret community of witches and wizards."

My excitement to watch another movie in the Harry Potter universe makes me feel weepy and gives me butterflies in my stomach. My emotions hit me hard when I watched the teaser trailer for this movie. 

"Resistance fighters unite to steal plans for the dreaded Death Star."

Is there any Star Wars fan not looking forward to this movie?!?

Whew. What a year it's going to be! 
xo Jen

*All quotes and pictures are from Tribute unless sourced otherwise*


  1. Looking forward to all of these - this year is looking so great for movies!

  2. I'm kind of excited for Suicide Squid because of Harley and Joker too.

  3. Very excited for Rogue One and Doctor Strange. Right now I'm most looking forward to Captain America: Civil Wars