New Fall Television

New Fall TV is well underway and a lot of new shows have proved to be really fun or super disappointing.

These are the television shows that I'm enjoying or considering giving up:

The Good
I didn't really know what to expect with this show. I liked the cast. I was happy to see Deb (from Dexter) in a new series. But I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. Seeing how the lead character's brain works while on NZT and the special effects they use for this is really interesting and entertaining. I hope this shows continues on this entertaining path.

So I've only seen two episodes so far but I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I have. I actually really like the actress playing Kara and I'm finding myself rooting for Supergirl. I'm not much of a DC Comics person so I'm surprised to be enjoying this show as much as I am. I hope it continues the way it's been because Kara is extremely likable.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
I was really looking forward to this show and I have not been disappointed. The lead character, Rebecca, is funny and even though the show is exaggerated, she's real and touches on some topics very truthfully. Her songs in the episodes have been hilarious and I'm really interested to see where this show goes.

The Bad
Minority Report
I know I'm not the only one who thinks this show isn't living up to its potential. The acting kills me every episode. And no, I haven't given up yet. But I wonder why I watch it after every episode. The synopsis is interesting but I think it's the lead actors that just aren't making me care for the story lines or even the well-being of the characters themselves. I read this show was cut back to 10 episodes so I doubt we'll see a second season.

Ok, everyone is raving about this show. I like the idea of it. I really like Jaimie Alexander. But can she just stay in the damn car for once? Or not say 'I need to speak to (insert person's name). They might know something about me'. I get it. You're in a horrible situation and I'd hate to be you but let's come up with some different dialogue and plot developments that don't include her rebelling against the FBI agents she works with. I'm torn on this show.

What new shows are you loving or hating so far?

xo Jen


  1. I am LOVING Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's so funny!

    1. I know! I really hope it gets a second season.