Halloween Activities

Goodbye October, hello November! Or, goodbye Halloween, hello Christmas season! I'm just a little excited for the holiday season seeing as it's my favourite time of year. 

Before I get into the holiday season though, let me share my Halloween! It started with pumpkin carving with Adam. A yearly tradition we have. I'm very happy with how they turned out. Adam carved Kirby and I chose a Jack Skellington-type face.

Why Logan's tongue is sticking out a bit is beyond me. But it's cute.

My Halloween kitties! They were pretty interested in the pumpkins.

On Friday, IGGPPC hosted a 24 hour Halloween party so I made and shared a DIY Halloween Candy Bark recipe on the site. You can check it out here.

I also made a batch of Wilton sugar cookies in the molded Halloween tray I have. They're more of a shortbread cookie to me but they're so good! 

While handing out candy Halloween evening, I made sure to play some Animal Crossing New Leaf so I could scare people and collect candy in my town. It was fun and I absolutely love how the game incorporates holidays into town events.

How was your Halloween? 
xo Jen


  1. Jen and I had such a great Halloween! We had a big breakfast, carved our pumpkins (her's was an amazing jack-o-lantern face and mine was a ghost) while watching On The Spot, had lunch, then relaxed until evening which was when we decorated the front yard! We had big cardboard trees that we made look all swampy, a cauldron and fog machine, and so much more. I was a gory suicide ghost and Jen was a plague Doctor! Everyone was so freaked out by her mask! We got lots of trick-or-treaters, and once we were done we had dinner and rum punch and just enjoyed the night. I also honored those who've passed with a little Samhain ritual.

  2. Love your pumpkin face, and that bark looks delicious! I dressed up twice for Halloween (for a night out dancing and a day of spooky-themed boardgames) and had a brilliant time :) xxx

    1. I love that you had two costumes! I didn't even have the energy to put together one haha.