My Life In Photos

It's September now and I'm allowing myself to be all about Fall - buying Fall Mums, burning pumpkin and cider-scented candles, eating pumpkin-flavoured things. Even the weather is cooperating and the temperature has dropped drastically. 

August was a good end to the Summer and it went by so quick! Here's what I got up to.

Seymore being a dork like usual.

I played around with red lips for the first time ever.

Coffee date.

My favourite annual I planted this Summer.

One of the many chipmunks that lives in our yard. 

Lots of cider was consumed this Summer.

I received the most adorable crocheted Leia in the mail right before Fan Expo.

I  was able to sew a Batman skirt for Fan Expo. I'm happy with how it turned out.

It's crazy Summer is over. But let's be honest, I'm excited to be entering my favourite season of the year!
xo Jen


  1. Autumn is my favorite season too! Love the weather cool down! Love your cat!

  2. Your cat is so cute and the red lips suit you!

  3. Yup. I can't even pretend to be sad about the end of summer. Have got two blankets on my bed already and LOVING IT xxx