Potter Week: Butterbeer Ice Cream Float

Happy birthday Harry Potter!

Since it's Potter Week I decided to try making The Domestic Geek's Butterbeer Floats and, oh man, are they ever delicious!

It's quite simple to put together:
- butterscotch ice cream
- butterscotch topping
- vanilla cream soda*
- cool whip

*Clear, vanilla cream soda is almost impossible to find in most of Canada. It's pink here! For any Canadians reading this, President's Choice, Fanta, Jones Soda, and Grace all make clear cream soda but not all stores carry these brands.

I shared my recipe directions over on the IGGPPC site for Potter Week, but they're pretty simple if you've ever had an ice cream float before.

Look at how yummy they look! Trust me when I say they tasted amazing! Now go make them for yourself!

xo Jen

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