Birthday Recap

So I'm officially 31 years old. It's not too bad. It felt harder last year turning 30. I celebrated my birthday pretty low-key this year. I unfortunately had to work a day shift but then afterwards we hit up one of our favourite chip stands for hamburgers and french fries and headed to a new beach.

We checked out a new lake, Whitewater Lake. It was so nice! Sandy, shallow, and warm. The beach area was a bit small but it was surrounded by grass and picnic tables. So it was perfect for our dinner and swim.

Once we got home, we had cake. I requested something with chocolate and cherry and holy crap did Adam pull through. He made the yummiest cake! Look how pretty it is!

He also spoiled me rotten this birthday - he bought me my Nikon D3200 camera with accessories! I am SO excited to finally have a DSLR camera and to learn to take better photos. Of course I pulled it out right away and charged the battery. It was dark by the time I could take photos, but even on 'Auto' and with a flash, the photos look better. The cats are not washed out at all.

I apologize in advance for the extra photo spam that's going to be happening now on my blog. This new camera has made my love of taking photos more extreme.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!
xo Jen