Heart Brownies

Last week, over at IGGPPC, we had a bake-along to make heart brownies. It was a ton of fun and made me realize how badly I need a new laptop that I can use in the kitchen for google hangouts. Having the only working webcam on our desktop computer makes the hangouts less flexible for me.

We ended up following this recipe we found online. The only adjustment I made was I baked it for 30 minutes since it looked too wet at 25 minutes. But they were really good and super fudgy. I would definitely use this recipe again for brownies.

After barely letting the brownies cool, I used my metal heart cookie cutter to cut the brownies. A bit of advice... a metal cookie cutter gets super hot when you place it in a still warm pan of brownies! I was able to cut out a few brownies successfully however.

Once they cooled completely, I frosted them and melted butterscotch chips to drizzle over the top. Adam and I inhaled the brownies which makes me a little sad because I'd like some right now.

We'll be doing more bake-alongs this month so make sure to check out the IGGPPC site for details!

xo Jen

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