Etsy Crush

Recently I typed in 'cute stationery' in the Tumblr search box. I'm warning you now, don't do this unless you have time to waste. I was sucked into neverending photos of adorable, colourful, stationery - washi tape, stickers, notepads, cats, coffee cups with faces, desserts.... It was wonderful!

During this search I found the cutest Etsy shop - Beagle Cakes Art & Illustration. Her illustrations of donut animals, boba tea, and adorable coffee and food items won me over!

Everything in her shop is adorable and I kind of want it all. There are a bunch of stickers packs that I'm planning on buying to include in parcels and to randomly place around my house because these designs make me very happy!

Make sure to check out Beagle Cakes on Tumblr and Storenvy too!

xo Jen


  1. AH THE DONUT CATS!! Absolutely in love...thanks for sharing!

    1. Donuts + Cats = so much amazingness!