Style Inspiration

We recently finished watching Season 4 of Mad Men. I really enjoyed this season - watching them struggle and work hard to get their new company off the ground. I also really enjoyed Peggy Olson in this season. I've always had a love-hate relationship with this character in previous seasons. She's an amazing women and it's nice to see her standing up for equality and pushing the boundaries, but her desire to please Don all the time takes its toll on me. I'm not a huge fan of Don Draper so I'd rather see Peggy start to step away from pleasing him, which I think she's doing.

You can see that Peggy has become more confident and comfortable in her own skin during this season. She wears cute, fashionable outfits in every episode, and I'd like almost everything she wears!

I love the friendship she creates with Joyce (Shoshanna from Girls) in this season as well. Joyce really brings out a different side to Peggy. I hope Joyce sticks around in the following seasons.

I'm excited to watch Peggy continue to grow in the following seasons of Mad Men. She's a tough and badass lady. 

xo Jen

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