Sailor Jupiter

I've been slowly watching Sailor Moon Crystal over the last couple of months. Since the show is currently only available with English subtitles, and not dubbed, I have to watch the show with nothing distracting me - food, my phone, or sewing projects.

So far I'm enjoying the show. Since I've been reading the manga over the last year or so, it's fun to see how similar the show is to the books. It's even helped explain things to me a bit better. Something I might have somewhat understood in the manga, becomes more clear in a detailed and animated episode.

Currently, Sailor Jupiter or Makoto, is my favourite character. Her back story is lovely and heartbreaking and I enjoy her interactions with Usagi and the rest of the girls.

The best thing about Sailor Moon Crystal is definitely the transformations.... Gorgeous, right?

While watching the show, I thought it'd be fun to put together an Everyday Cosplay for Sailor Jupiter. It'd be a great outfit to wear out!
Sailor Jupiter Everyday Cosplay

Who's your favourite Sailor Scout? Have you watched any Sailor Moon Crystal?
xo Jen


  1. I've been watching it too, my favorite Sailor Scout is Rei who is Sailor Mars

  2. Sailor Jupiter is also my favorite character of the series (I could identify with her the most out of all of the Sailor Scouts.) Sailor Moon Crystal is a nice change of pace from the previous 90s anime, I'm nearing the end of the first season.

    Like those boots.