Reading Challenge

In the past couple of years I have started reading a lot more. My renewed love for reading came from all the new comic book series that have come out and that I was introduced to (Runaways, Lumberjanes, Ultimate Spider-man, etc.). As well as being introduced to audio books. Because of these things, I read every day.

I came across the Goodreads site through IGGPPC. I didn't use it much at first but it's become one of my favourite sites (and app!) over the last few months. It is the perfect site to search for books, whether by genre, author, most popular, etc. and it's ideal to keep to-read lists. I used to keep a note on my cell phone of books to check out. Now I just add them to my Goodreads account.

Over the last month I've noticed friends on Goodreads making reading challenges for 2015 so I decided to set a goal as well. I set my own reading goal for 25 books. I considered doing the 50 book challenge but because I don't log the individual comics I read, I thought 25 books or comic trades would be attainable. So on top of the books and graphic novels I keep track of on Goodreads, I'll also be reading 5 individual comics on average weekly.

I appreciate all book recommendations and I'm open to a lot of genres, though I've been partial to Young Adult over the last year or so.

These are a few books that I'm looking forward to reading this year:

Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

I picked up the first four books in this series at a thrift store this past weekend. My Mom has always talked about this series and how she really enjoyed reading it so I thought I'd give them a go and then pass them on to her to read again.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I have loved everything I've read from Rowell. And her next book that's out this year focuses on the fanfiction characters from her book, 'Fangirl'. I'm so excited!! 

Winter by Marissa Meyer

This is the fourth book in The Lunar Chronicles and I cannot wait to continue with the story. I was glued to the first three books in the series and I'm so looking forward to this one. 

What book are you enjoying or looking forward to reading?
xo Jen


  1. Guh I CANNOT wait any longer for Winter!

    1. I know! I will be devouring that book as soon as it comes out.

  2. Flowers in the Attic is on my list too! It was a small tv series back in the UK…did they have it here in the States? I didn't watch though as I always prefer to read the books first!

    1. I'm not sure if the tv series aired here. I'll have to look into it.