Inspiration: Donna Noble

I finished the fourth season of Doctor Who today. I still have the Christmas Special to watch before starting season five however. But oh man, the last episode, Journey's End, broke my heart. This season has been my favourite so far and Donna Noble has by far been my favourite companion.

Donna's relationship with the Doctor is wonderful. I love that it's strictly platonic and she's not pining for him. She stands up to him, she talks back to him, she challenges him. And her sass and attitude is great.

All the adventures Donna goes on with the Doctor in this season are amazing and I loved her wardrobe throughout the season too.

You could say Donna is both style and attitude inspiration for me. Seeing her grow as a person and help the Doctor along the way made me fall in love with this show even more during this season.

I'm definitely curious to see where things go after this season because I know the Doctor and companion are changing. I'm hoping the obsession I had with Doctor Who during this season doesn't disappear.

xo Jen


  1. Donna is my favourite companion!

  2. Donna forever <3 After all the dramatics and love story with Rose, Donna was the best companion to follow her!

  3. This is my absolute favourite season! The first time I saw it, it made me cry more than any other TV show before and it still does when I watch it now haha :')
    Rose was always my favourite companion but there is something special about Donna <3

  4. Donna was a great companion who never seems to get enough credit. After seeing the Catherine Tate show I did not think I would like her as a companion but her humor, kindness, strength and overall character growth made me love her so much. Her exit was especially painful to watch, she deserved so much more.