My Life In Photos

September has been pretty fantastic considering it was the beginning of Fall and it hasn't disappointed yet. The leaves are changing colour, the temperatures have dropped, and I'm getting to snuggle in layers and blankets.

I picked up a hot dog costume at Target for the kitties. They actually have a great selection there for pets. Normally costumes are for dogs and cats get shafted, but all their small and medium costumes are advertised for cats and dogs. The cats weren't too happy about the costumes. They kept freezing when I put on the hot dog. Seymore eventually figured out how to kick it off considering it was more of a backpack on him. Logan eventually took off upstairs and then refused to move.

Some new toys for the shelf after going through Adam's old toy box. 

Baking muffins with Halloween liners. 

I'm excited there's another month of Autumn left, though, I have a feeling Winter will be here sooner than we expect. The trees in our neighbourhood are losing leaves like crazy. They'll be bare soon!

I hope you had a great month... one day until October!
xo Jen 

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