House Sneak Peek

We moved into our house almost a month and a half ago and even though it feels like we've done a lot, the to-do list is never ending. But from what I hear, that's what owning a house is like. 

There are rooms to be painted, and carpets to be replaced. Those things are waiting however because we have more pressing things to work on first... gardens to turn over so they're ready for Spring, the basement organized and unpacked, and putting up shelves in the bedroom so I can stop stubbing my toes on the last few boxes in there. 

Inspired by Katie, I plan on doing some DIY before and after posts with some of the rooms. But I'm just not at that point yet. So for now you'll have to settle for some sneak peeks. 

The kitchen is my favourite room in the house. I adore the colours and how much counter space I now have. 

The neighbourhood is filled with big, mature trees. It's incredibly pretty and peaceful. Going for walks in the evening has become one of my favourite things.

I made myself a coffee and tea nook in the kitchen... just ignore the tea obsession. 

We've come up with an alternate movie/TV boxset storage system which means we have extra DVD stands. I've turned one into a recipe book/candle/picture frame stand for the dining area. I think I also have a recipe book problem.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
xo Jen

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