To Do List: September

I know it's not September yet, but I've been thinking about September a lot lately. Probably because I'm super stressed and overwhelmed this month, so my brain is longing for the month after Fan Expo when I can slow down a bit. Also, it's the month where I can focus on Fall activities and not get made fun of for it.

I've been inspired in the past by a fellow blogger, Mia who blogs at xo Mia, with her monthly activity posts that she wants to try that month. So I thought I'd come up with a similar list to inspire and motivate me for the upcoming month.


- have my first pumpkin spice latte of the season
- work on our garden (this will be my first garden EVER)
- work on easy projects around the house (painting, hanging curtains)
- try my hand at French Macaroons again
- go for a hike at Laurentian Conservation Area
- find a Fall festival to attend

I'm just so excited to start working on our house and making it our own. And of course, I'm excited for the Fall season and everything that comes with it.

What are you looking forward to in September?
xo Jen

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