S'mores Cupcakes

This past week I did a bake-a-long with Arielle for Summer Camp over at IGGPPC. We decided to make s'mores cupcakes and followed this recipe here. It was super fun doing a live bake-a-long. Arielle baked the cupcakes live via google hangouts and I tweeted along while baking mine. And let me tell you, the cupcakes turned out amazing! They're SO good!

The cupcakes have a marshmallow cream filling which I clearly overfilled. Whoops!

 I will be saving this chocolate frosting recipe because it turned out delicious! It's the best chocolate buttercream I've ever made. It's incredibly decadent. I then sprinkled broken graham crackers on top.

 Finished cupcakes! I didn't add toasted marshmallows to all of the cupcakes. But they taste amazing with them, though they're super messy and sweet!

I highly recommend giving the recipe we used a try, even if it's just for the chocolate frosting!
xo Jen

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