Moving Day

What a crazy, busy weekend! Last Thursday we got the keys to our house at 3 in the afternoon and since then we haven't slowed down.

There was cleaning, painting the basement, changing the locks, cleaning the carpets, and then moving everything in and unpacking. We're about 70% unpacked already which I think is pretty darn good. Though, we still have a lot of shelves to put up and a wardrobe to build which will hold up the rest of the unpacking.

The move went well. Everything went fairly smooth and we had help from some amazing family members.

The cats have had a rough couple of days though. Logan cried through the first night after peeing in his carrier on the drive to the house (less than 10 minutes!). Seymore's been extra jumpy and getting into every spot he can, including climbing the duct work in the basement. But they're getting more normal - finally eating and sleeping for long periods of time. But I do feel like I have a furry shadow wherever I go. 

It's exciting and weird being in our house. It doesn't quite feel like our home, though, we're filling up the rooms with our things, and it's SO quiet. Going from living in an apartment on a busy street, to a quiet neighbourhood is very weird. 

Anyways, I'll be sure to share some photos soon. I just need to get this place in order first!
xo Jen

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