What I'm Loving Now

I swear time just keeps speeding up. How is it my birthday tomorrow?!? I've been so busy lately with everything going on in my life. I haven't even really made any plans for my birthday tomorrow. I have some ideas but nothing's concrete. I've just been too preoccupied. 

City of Glass

Thank goodness for audio books. If it wasn't for them, I'd never get through any books. Well, just comics, since they're shorter and the digital copies are perfect to read in waiting rooms or break rooms. But audio books, I listen to while I clean, pack boxes, bake cookies, do dishes, sew, etc. I've been flying through them. 

I just finished the third book in The Mortal Instruments series, City of Glass. I have to say it was my favourite book so far in the series. It answered some questions and also brought up some interesting plot developments. I also thoroughly enjoyed the supernatural aspect in this book. It was more apparent in this book than the previous ones. I've heard the books get worse after this one. But I think I'm going to continue with the story. I'm too invested in the characters and story line. It doesn't seem right to give up on the series when there's more to it. 

The Pretty One

Lately mine and Adam's work schedules have not been lining up. I've been spending a lot of afternoons and evenings by myself. And because I have things to do that can be done in front of the TV (filling cat toys, flipping pouches inside out, etc.) I've been watching a lot. I finally watched The Pretty One earlier this week. I think Zoe Kazan is adorable and I've enjoyed all the other movies I've seen her in. So when I saw this trailer a while ago and saw that it not only stars her, but also Jake Johnson (from New Girl), I knew I had to watch it. 

The movie was super cute and quirky. Yes, I know some people hate that word - 'quirky'. But it was. Both Zoe and Jake play such honest characters that you just fall in love with them. I also fell in love with the settings and details throughout the movie - the wardrobe, furniture, backyard, etc. I want to own this movie so I can watch it over and over again.

Colour Palettes

I've started looking online and in stores for furniture and accessories for our house. I've also spent some time talking to my Mom about paint colours and curtains. I'm really enjoying this part of getting a house. Pinterest is amazing for inspiration and it's caused me to get lost numerous times in Pinterest search results. 

What have you been up to lately?
xo Jen

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