The Geekie Awards

On Monday, July 14th, The Geekie Awards were announcing the top 5 nominees in all their categories. This meant all of these nominees were invited to their live show on August 17th. A few months back, over at International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, we entered our website into the nominations. But as I sat in a waiting room on July 14th, I found out that IGGPPC was announced as one of the top 5 nominees in the Websites & Blogs category. All of the staff members were chatting furiously on Facebook messenger and twitter blew up... I got all teary-eyed while sitting by myself waiting for a thyroid ultrasound. I was just blown away and ended up speaking complete jibberish to the ultrasound technician. It was a memorable moment.

To explain a bit more, The Geekie Awards is an award show celebrating all things geek. The judges are geeks and they're celebrating the best in geek culture - cosplay, crafts, comics, websites, miniseries, video games, fashion, podcasts, etc. It is such an honour for IGGPPC to even be in the top 5.

So on August 17th, The Geekie Awards show is live in Hollywood, CA. Two staff members (Leslie, one of the co-founders, being one of them) are heading to Hollywood for the show. I'm so excited for them and also a little jealous of all the people they're going to meet and the hands they'll shake. But I'd also probably be a shaking mess. We are taking donations, however, to help send the two ladies to Hollywood.

It's been a crazy year and a bit for IGGPPC and I'm so proud and happy to be apart of it. I love the ladies I work with and the crazy ideas we come up with. And the community is so positive and supportive and just filled with amazing people. This entire experience has been so incredibly wonderful.

xo Jen

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