What I'm Loving Now

How was your week? Mine was quite busy and productive. Between prepping for the move and the new house, and also getting ready for Fan Expo, I am never without something to do! But it's been a fun week and a great start to the Summer! So onto what I'm obsessed with currently... 

Davids Tea

A little over a week ago Davids Tea tweeted that they would be giving away samples of their new tea flavour in all orders that week. And what was this new tea flavour? Cotton Candy! I actually freaked out a little and ran to tell Adam about this new tea. This past week I received an email from them about their new collection - The Carnival Collection. I have never loved one of their collections as much as I do this one. I want everything! I'm in love with their gradient mugs and I'm definitely going to be ordering some cotton candy and caramel corn tea!

Orange Is The New Black

The weekend of Niagara Falls Comic Con, the second season of Orange Is The New Black was released on Netflix. I don't know if you've seen the first season, but the show completely grew on me and the season finale just left you wanting more. So as soon as I got home from the convention, I started the second season and completely devoured it. I finished it this week. And just like with the first season, it took a few episodes to really get into the story line. But I really love how this season ended and what stories have been set up for the third season. 

Moonlight Beach

We've been to Moonlight Beach twice this week and it was so wonderful both times! Last year I absolutely fell in love with this beach, which is one of the beaches along Ramsey Lake. We spent a lot of time there last Summer and I'm already planning on spending a good chunk of my time there this Summer too. We went into the water today and it was surprisingly warm and so refreshing considering how hot it was today. My goal is to visit it at least once a week this Summer. 

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend!
xo Jen

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