Outside Adventures

Since the weather has been fantastic lately, and me and Adam needed a little break, we headed out to a lake we hadn't been to before to fish for the afternoon. We headed about a half hour out of the city to Vermilion Lake. It was absolutely beautiful and the houses that surrounded the lake were gorgeous! We had a hard time finding a spot to park so we could walk down to the lake. We ended up finding a bridge that crossed a narrow part of the lake which was a perfect spot to fish and take in the view. 

The day started sunny but ended up being overcast. It was still really warm out and the clouds just helped with the heat.

The whole time we fished, I was on the search for wild animals amongst the trees that faced us. The only thing we saw was a Muskrat swimming in the lake. It was pretty cute.

We never caught any fish but it was still an enjoyable afternoon. I have so many memories of fishing from my childhood. Most of my family enjoy fishing and I spent a lot of time in fishing boats when I was younger. There's something very peaceful about it. Maybe it's because I rarely catch a fish. I just enjoy the quiet and stillness while you watch the water. I just take in the nature around me.

How was your weekend?
xo Jen

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