There are so many recipes I'd love to try when it comes to baking, but when the recipe calls for an ingredient I normally don't have on hand I usually end up ignoring the recipe. This is unfortunate because I'm sure some of the recipes are super yummy, but honestly, I'm lazy and cheap! The usual ingredient that normally turns me off from a recipe is nuts. Besides peanuts, all nuts are super pricey! Sure, I'd love to buy them more often because they're so delicious but it just rarely happens. 

So when we found ourselves with a bag of almonds I definitely took advantage of this and made some cookies that called for them. 

The first cookie recipe I made was an almond butter cookie. They were SO good! They were very addictive because they weren't overly sweet. The butter and almond flavour was perfect together. They were sort of like an almond shortbread.

The other cookie recipe I made was my take of a rocky road recipe I saw for cookies. They were also very good, though the mini marshmallows completely disappeared after baking the cookies. Well, they didn't disappear, they just melted into the cookie. Some of the cookies ended up with little caverns where a marshmallow once sat. But the leftover marshmallow goo on the cookies was nothing to complain about.

With Summer fruit season upon us, specifically strawberries, I'm itching to bake with fruit right now. I have a vision of strawberry buttercream on top of some vanilla cupcakes. Or sliced strawberries in a cookie with the lemon chips I found at the Bulk Barn... Mmmmm...

Have you found a great cookie recipe lately?
xo Jen

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