Summer Drinking

There are numerous reasons why I'm excited for the upcoming Summer months... 
1. Mine and Adam's wedding anniversary
2. My 30th birthday
3. Warm, sunny evenings and hot, beach-worthy afternoons
4. More visitors come up to stay with us
5. The possibility of looking for a house

And you know what goes well with all of those five reasons?! Delicious, cold drinks! And lots of other things too. But the reality is, I'm totally in a party, hostess-type mood. I want to have a game night with yummy dips and cocktails, or spend an afternoon outside with my Mom drinking iced teas, or make coconut iced coffee when my best friend comes up to visit. 

These drink recipes are just a few that I'm itching to try this Summer and I'm honestly salivating a bit looking at the pictures...

So I'm all about mixing iced tea with lemonade. It's one of Adam's favourite drinks. I never even thought about mixing it with cranberry juice!

Iced black tea mixed with sweetened condensed milk or coconut milk... *drool*

Just reading the recipe for this iced coffee makes me crave coconut whipped cream like crazy. I dare you not to feel the same when you read it. 

Sorbet and sparkling wine? Yes please!

Fruit and wine are the perfect combination!

What do you like to drink during the hot Summer months?
xo Jen

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