New York City Day 2

This time last week we were finishing up our third day in New York City. I'm happy to be home in my own bed and with my kitties but I definitely wish I was back there exploring more. You can see my photos from day one of our trip here.  On the second day we decided to take the subway down to Battery Park and just make our way back to our hotel from there. We weaved through a lot of neighbourhoods in lower Manhattan.

I loved all the old buildings mixed with the newer, tall buildings down in the financial district. 

A pistachio French Macaron! It was so incredibly good. I'm happy I finally got to try a real one!

The small cemetery beside Trinity Church was absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

I finally saw the Ghostbusters station! I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the inside when a truck was pulling in. I knew they had the sign still hanging inside so I ran over to snap a quick picture. 

Chinatown. We went into a few markets and bought buns at a bakery. 

 Little Italy. 

So Pie Face... I heard about this place and made it a point to find one and try it out. It's so cute and yummy! They have a ton of mini sweet pies, as well as large and small savoury pies. I had the best espresso drink there too - Toffee Apple Flat White. Yum!! I had a lemon pie and Adam had the apple crumble. The lemon was amazing! 

We ended our second day by finding a nearby pizza place by our hotel. It had started to rain in the evening and we were exhausted from our day of walking. The pizza was really good. The biggest difference we noticed compared to pizza here was how thin and crispy the crust was. 

We also checked out Video Games New York (which had an insane amount of new and old games, and a ton of imports!), Toy Tokyo, and Forbidden Planet. I fell in love with Forbidden Planet instantly. It would be my go-to comic and toy store if I lived in NYC.

Looking back at these photos is making me hungry... time to go find coffee and a cookie!
xo Jen

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