What I'm Loving Now

Yesterday evening we had ANOTHER snow storm. Yep. I woke up today, April the 5th, and had to clean 5 inches of snow and ice off my car while standing in snow that hit almost at mid-calf. So it feels weird to be eyeing up Spring clothing and realizing that show seasons are wrapping up. I associate those things with semi-warm weather and green stuff outside.

I was happy that one of my favourite shows came back on this week after a hiatus. I'm hoping there's still a handful of more episodes left in this season because I just can't part with the show yet.

The Mindy Project

When The Mindy Project went on a small hiatus they left us with quite the ending. We've all been waiting for Mindy and Danny to finally get together. But was the kiss for real? Well the two episodes that aired this week completely melted my heart. If it's possible, I adore Mindy Kaling and this show more than before. Did you watch it?


You might have heard of this book, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell? A friend of mine recommended Eleanor&Park by the same author. Well, soon after I heard about her next book, Fangirl. My twitter feed basically blew up the week the book came out. I knew I had to read it. So I haven't read Eleanor&Park YET, but I consumed Fangirl like it was going to disappear the next morning on me. 

It's so good. I had so many feels throughout the book. Moments of heartache, and happiness, and moments where I know I just had a silly grin on my face. Cath, the lead character, was someone I related to on certain levels and in certain ways. I cannot recommend this book more!

Apple Dump Cake

We all know I love to bake and I enjoy most sweet treats. Recently we bought a whole bunch of apples because they were marked down (and getting old) at our grocery store. So I decided to make up a dump cake with them with one of my boxed cake mixes. I followed this recipe but used real apples instead of apple pie filling. It was delicious and me and Adam finished the cake off quicker than we should have. But we just couldn't help it. It was yummy. 

What have you been reading, watching, or enjoying?
xo Jen

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