Weekly Adventures

First of all, Happy Easter weekend!

The last week has been pretty busy for me. I had my Mom and Nan up last weekend visiting. We had loads of fun shopping, going out to eat, visiting the nickel, and drinking lots of tea. The rest of this week has been spent working and getting ready for Easter and Adam's birthday, which is tomorrow. He's working all weekend so I made a roast for dinner yesterday and baked cookies and a cake for him. It was a great day.

On Tuesday, Round 13 opened over at International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. It's such a great theme this month! We've been sharing 'green' ideas over on our Facebook page. You can sign up here for a pen pal.

So what I can tell from my shopping outing this past week, there's a Peeps shortage at the usual stores I shop at. Good thing I bought some of the fun flavours earlier in the month to try.

The watermelon ones are actually pink inside!

The only flavours I'd buy again are the Vanilla Creme and Party Cake. The rest were good and I'm glad I tried them but I wouldn't care to buy them again.

What's your favourite Easter treat?
xo Jen

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