Rainbow Cake and Lemon Cookies

When my Nan and Mom came up to visit a couple weeks ago, I decided to bake a cake. I like having some treats on hand when company comes to visit, plus we were going to have a little early celebration for Adam's birthday.

My Mom had bought me a rainbow tie-dye cake mix which was just white cake mix with food colouring packets inside. It was super easy to make and it turned out amazing! I'm definitely going to make other coloured cakes in the future using similar techniques. 

I thought the batter looked awesome after I poured it in the pans. 

Rainbow sprinkles to top off the rainbow cake!

The inside was so vibrant! I really want to try this alternating certain colours. It'd make a pretty cool red and green Christmas cake.

I also made a batch of cookies before our company came up. We had dried blueberries in the cupboard and I had recently bought lemon chips at The Bulk Barn. I thought they'd be perfect together in an oatmeal cookie... and I was SO right! They're delicious! And the lemon chips are so good. They're bursts of a really strong lemon flavour. I'm definitely going to buy them again. 

Both the cake and cookies were super yummy and didn't last too long in our home! Have you baked anything good lately?
xo Jen

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