Cookies and Purple Cake

I haven't been too inspired with my baking lately. Don't get me wrong, I've been baking a lot. But it's just easy things that I know how to make and whip up quickly. I really need to sit down and find some recipes that interest me and try them out. Adam has requested a few ingredients he'd like in his upcoming birthday cake so I will definitely be trying something new for that.

Adam did request cake mix cookies a couple weeks ago so I used a Cherry Chip Cake Mix. I make cake mix cookies often. You can find one of the recipes at the bottom of the post here.

I love the pink dots throughout the cookies. The cookies were delicious but also smelled absolutely amazing. I'm a huge fan of cherry chip!

While Adam was sick, he was still craving something sweet so I decided on a Jello Poke Cake. Another tried and true recipe. You can find my recipe here, which I used on cupcakes. He requested grape Jello and it was really good! Seymore actually attacks me while I eat this cake. He has a love for whipped cream (or Cool Whip in this case). It's my fault for putting some on his nose. It's just funny watching him try to paw at my plate while I eat this cake.

I also made up a batch of Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies with more applesauce than butter so they ended up super fluffy. But also, very addicting!

What recipes have you tried lately or plan on trying? I need some inspiration!
xo Jen

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