Veronica Mars the Movie

Years ago I heard about a TV show that had just started airing, Veronica Mars. I quickly raced to my computer and downloaded the first couple of episodes of the first season immediately to check out the show. I was in love! Veronica was everything I wanted and needed in a character. She was strong, independent, kickass, and an outsider. Quickly, Veronica Mars became somewhat of a role model to me. I religiously watched the episodes on TV and would just take in every detail of the show. I adored the music and I remember when I first heard Tegan and Sara on the show and how happy that made me. I also enjoyed seeing all the guest stars on the show.

Now, fast forward to present day and I still re-watch my Veronica Mars boxsets. I'm always sad and disappointed when the third season finishes because it leaves so many loose ends.

But I can say that after watching Veronica Mars the Movie, I finally feel satisfied. Even though the movie doesn't start where the TV show left off, they do a great job of summarizing and explaining what's happened in the last seven years.

I don't want to give away any spoilers, but if you're a Veronica Mars fan, you'll probably love the movie. It's everything I ever wanted in a Veronica Mars movie. It honestly felt like a really long episode. But that's a good thing. They didn't change what worked for the show.

There were moments throughout the movie where I felt emotional (at parts that weren't supposed to trigger tears) or I found myself laughing at parts that weren't exceptionally funny. I just felt overwhelmed seeing some of the characters and hearing some of the one-liners come out of their mouths. The movie flared up some nostalgia for me.

Just seeing the cast back together and hearing Veronica and Keith's witty one-liners made me feel so much comfort. I'm actually excited to watch it again, which I think will be happening before bed tonight...

I'm sure if you're a fan you've already seen the movie or are planning on seeing it soon. When you see it, let me know what you thought!

Good night marshmallows!
xo Jen 

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