Hair Inspiration: Seeing Red

I have spent a good chunk of my life struggling with my hair and I have shared this often on here. I play a game of where I let my hair grow as long as I can stand it and then cut it all off to a long bob. When I did this last Spring, I had a love-hate relationship with the hair cut. But one thing I realized, long hair is actually easier for me. Because on days that I struggle with frizz, I can throw it in a ponytail. And long hair weighs down my frizzy, wavy hair. And bedhead hair days look better on long hair than shoulder length. 

Now all I have do is find a way to not get the urge to cut my hair off again. When my hair is long, heavy, and annoying me, I need to remember that I do prefer it long to short. I NEED to remember this. Remind me when I start posting cute shoulder length hair photos. 

I've also been playing around with different shades of red in my hair. I steadily dyed it an orange-red for a couple of years and then I started trying different shades. I like the orange-red better. I actually adore the colour in comparison to the deep reds. Another thing I need to remember. I'm slowly switching back to the previous hair dye I used. 

I really should make a Pinterest board for long red hair. And I will go to it every time I need hair inspiration. 

My hair is slowly growing. Lately I've been noticing the longer length and it makes me happy. What is your ideal hair colour and style?
xo Jen

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