Book Inspiration

People would call both me and Adam 'collectors'. We have an abundance of movies, TV boxsets, books, comics, and video games. When I say an abundance, I mean approximately 7 bookcases filled with everything we collect, and some things are actually hidden in boxes still because we don't have room.

I'm ok with this. I like surrounding myself with things I love. It makes our home feel comfy to us. And we both are constantly watching things, reading, or playing games.

Being in an apartment makes it a little hard though because we don't have as much room or much storage. One of the things I'm looking forward to most when we eventually buy a house is putting shelves up everywhere! Taking entire walls and just lining them with bookcases and putting all of our 'collections' up.

I have found that I've accumulated quite the Pinterest board filled with shelving ideas.

I absolutely adore this idea. We don't have a headboard so it would be perfect for our bedroom. 

I'm also a fan of shelves in the dining room. I sometimes find dining rooms so bare. There's a table and maybe a hutch in the room. I'd happily turn one of the walls into a giant shelving display.

The idea of owning a home is super scary but also really exciting. It's one of our goals that I hope happens sooner than later. It'll be fantastic to have more room!

Do you have any large collections that you have on display or want to put on display?
xo Jen

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