Mail Day

A couple of months ago I was informed I won a giveaway from We The Sciencey! Now, I don't typically win many things. I find I'm usually bad luck. So when I do win I just feel ridiculously excited about it. I was so happy to hear I won and jumped up and down. See, I also didn't know exactly what I won which made it even more fun. I just knew it was amazing goodies from We The Sciencey's Etsy shop.... look at my prizes!!!

I'm so excited to use these stamps on packages and letters! I have a bunch of ink pads from a friend so I've already used these stamps in every colour I own... so many colours! If you're waiting on any letters or packages from me, just wait to see your envelope!

And look at the pencil they sent me! And the adorable pouches for the stamps!

Find We The Sciencey here:

Mail days are the best! Have you received anything fun in the mail recently?
xo Jen

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