For my birthday last year I received an electric cookie press. Since opening that present, I've had Adam bugging me to open it up and use it. See, I've never used one before and it seemed a little difficult so I kept putting it off. Finally at Christmas time I promised Adam and myself to finally pull it out and learn how to use it.

Of course, I had to try as many plates as possible with the cookie dough to see the designs. Some were definitely easier than others. But overall it was pretty easy to use. I followed the cookie dough recipe that came with the cookie press for butter cookies and they are super yummy!

The flower plate was my favourite. I love how they turned out.

I also made up a quick icing sugar and water icing to drizzle over the cookies. I used some red dye and heart sprinkles to make them more festive for Valentine's Day. I know it's not February yet but I don't see why I can't start baking Valentine's Day-inspired treats!

Then the other day I was craving cookies. But not butter cookies. Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Something sweet with chocolate. I remembered we had dried apricots in the cupboard that I was saving for a recipe. So I decided to add chopped dried apricots and a cup of coconut to the chocolate chip cookie batter. Oh my, are they good! 

I will be making a few other treats over the next couple of weeks with a Valentine's Day theme to them. I want to use up more of my heart sprinkles and I'm leaning towards cupcakes for them. 

xo Jen

P.S. Thank you for the book recommendations! I'm making a list!

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