Weekly Adventures

The last week or so has been an exciting time for IGGPPC.... we made an announcement about looking for a new staff member (which is open for about another 24 hours or so if you're interested in applying), we're working on some future plans and ideas for 2014, Round 9 opened, and I started up a Holiday Card swap in the Symposium.

Round 9 will be our last round of 2013 since December is such a busy month for most people. You can enter our last round here. We also have a pretty cool giveaway happening on the site right now too.

I organized the Holiday Card swap on the site because not only am I a huge fan of Christmas but I want to share some happiness with people all over the world during the season! If you're not an IGGPPC member, I would still love to send you a card this season! Email me at sparklegirl.jen@gmail.com or message me on Twitter or Facebook and we can swap addresses! 

After rounding up all my holiday cards from previous years, I realized I have a large supply. I'm excited to send them off and to decorate the envelopes!

I'm ready for the #iggppc holiday card swap!! 

What have you been up to this past week?
xo Jen

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