My Life in Photos

Umm I seriously don't know where November went. It was a great month filled with prepping for Christmas, and other fun adventures.

Let's start the November pictures off with our Jack-O-Lantern from Halloween... He got a little soggy on our balcony and turned into an old man:Old Pumpkin

Snow showed up:
I woke up to some snow this morning. #snow #northernontario
Hello Winter! #snow #northernontario
My view after leaving work today. #winter #snow #nofilter #northernontario

Target opened and I bought so many Christmas items:
Getting ready for Christmas! I love this fox so much!! And the Gingerbread Oreos are yummy!! #targetcanada #gingerbreadeverything

I've been stocking up on gingerbread things (see previous picture too):During my Christmas shopping this morning I found Gingerbread M&Ms and I bought a gingerbread house too! Now it's time for a Christmas movie to end my day ^_^ #christmas #gingerbreadeverything

I reorganized my craft room and sewed up a bunch of pouches: Craft room makeover! It feels so good to have everything cleaned and organized! #crafts
Finished pouches! They just need to be photographed and then they'll get added to my Etsy shop!

We went to Hamilton for a weekend where we hit up Kool Stuff and went to a wedding: Today's adventure: Kool Stuff Toys #toygeek
Off to the wedding I go. #doinganemma

The photo booth was so much fun at the wedding: Saturday night adventures: Photobooth at my cousin's awesome wedding.

I mailed away SO many Etsy orders this past month!! And a few IGGPPC packages:Etsy orders and #iggppc street team packs are heading out today! Two orders are headed to France and Australia. I'd like to ship myself with them!

I bought stamps for the Holiday Card Swap and they're so adorable:I bought books of Canadian and American stamps today. They are so cute! I can't wait to mail my cards! #iggppc #christmas

Logan being a handsome boy:It's not often Logan will sit still for a photo. We adopted him almost 4 years ago. He was half price at the adoption centre because he had been there too long and he was black. He's the sweetest little runt <3 #blackcat

A cleaning session:
Seymore and Logan

Did you enjoy November? It's exciting that tomorrow is December and there's only 25 days until Christmas (ahhhh!). I have baking plans and a date with a Christmas movie and a stack of holiday cards this week.
 xo Jen

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