Stationery Crush

Let's be honest here, I've had an obsession with stationery since middle school when I realised the joys of writing notes to my best friends during class. Back then, I was addicted to everything Sanrio! Note pads, pencils, stickers, pens.... there was something special about writing a note on Hello Kitty paper with my Chococat pen.

IGGPPC was contacted by an amazing online stationery store, Please Deliver To. Not only is this online store filled with the most amazingly geeky items, but they're also Canadian! Along with Round 8 being open to register for a pen pal, we're also running a giveaway for Please Deliver To stationery. I highly urge you to go enter the giveaway and also sign up for a pen pal this month!

I wanted to share some of the items I'm dying over in the Please Deliver To shop...

(By far my favourite on their site!)

What's your favourite stationery pack or postcard on their site?
xo Jen


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