Weekly Adventures

September started off really busy for me. We spent the first day of the month at our local Ribfest downtown. We filled up on ribs and deliciously horrible for us fried foods. The highlight of the day was finding a little vendor selling Butterbeer!


Did I try it? Nope. It was $8 a cup. Yes, you got a reusable mug (though it was for the soda company, not a Harry Potter mug). But I didn't want to pay that much for a mug I didn't want and to drink something that might not be good. I want to save my first experience drinking Butterbeer for when I finally get to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Then the following weekend was spent back in Southern Ontario. We attended a wedding on Saturday and I spent Sunday in Toronto with some family looking for celebrities attending TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). We've been doing this for about 5 years now. We've seen numerous celebrities in the past... Kevin Smith, Jennifer Aniston, Steven Zahn, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Gerard Butler, Hugh Laurie, Penn Badgley, Colin Firth, Richard Ayoade, Maggie Smith, Ben Affleck... 

We spotted quite a few celebrities this year - Tom Felton, Ralph Fiennes, Thandie Newton, Bryce Dallas Howard (I almost walked into her as she got out of a car and I just said 'Bryce!' and she smiled and said hi and hurried away), Matthew McConaughey, Jason Bateman, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jesse Eisenberg! A lot of my photos were a bit fuzzy so these are a few of my good shots.

Jesse Eisenberg

TIFF 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch

TIFF 2013

Jason Bateman! When he left the hotel, he didn't hop in a car but he started walking down the street. Since all of us are huge fans of his, we followed him a bit down the street and luckily caught up to him at a stop light. He was so nice and posed for pictures until the light changed. Considering we were completely fangirling over him, he was a sweetheart.

TIFF 2013

Also, Round 7 of International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club opened yesterday! We're already half full! On September 19th, IGGPPC is 6 months old! So we decided to make it an 'Unbirthday Party' theme. We have a bunch of giveaways going on for it. Definitely check out the site and Facebook page for more info as the week goes on! You can also sign up for a pen pal here.

I hope you all had a wonderful first half of September <3
xo Jen

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